Submissions are accepted until May 14, 2016 for material published in 2015.

+ Books: Fiction and non-Fiction, traditional or self-published
+ Articles: Magazines, online or printed
+ Poems
+ Devotions
+ Songs
+ Plays
+ Awards are presented at the Fall Conference in October.

Current members, even past winners, are encouraged to submit their best writing published in 2015 for consideration. Please send four(4) copies of your books, articles, devotions, poems*, etc. to PO Box 270403, San Diego, California, 92198 (or bring to the Spring Fellowship Event. The final deadline is May 14, 2016. All entries (except books) may be submitted by sending a PDF formatted copy to info at and will not be returned.

Rules: Material need not be overtly Christian in nature or published by a Christian publisher/magazine but should not be offensive. Maximum of three entries per person. You must be a current member to submit. Past winners are eligible. Board members are ineligible.

*Poems must have been written, but not necessarily published, in 2015.