Conference Book Table

Conference Book Table (available to faculty and SDCWG members who attend the Fall Conference)

To all considering bringing your books to sell we’d like to suggest the following:

1.  If you are bringing several books, allow time to set up your display.  You are welcome to bring simple decorations, small tablecloth, etc to enhance your display.
2.  If you do have several titles, display no more than 5 of each. It is overwhelming to the conferees to see a pile of books!
3.  Email your Book Sales Information sheet by Wed. Oct 21 to info @ sandiegocwg . org. (Click here to download form: BookSellerForm).
4.   Do not have “specials” (2 for 1 etc) It is confusing, especially when we are busy.  Just decide on a fair “conference” price for each book and mark that on the sales sheet.
5.  **If you cannot pick up your books by 4:30 please designate someone who can box them up for you.  We have to be out of the area by that time as Maranatha has other activities going on and we like to comply out of courtesy. Any copies left after 4:30 pm the day of the conference will be donated.
We are happy to assist you by selling your books while you attend workshops, etc.  Your sales will be totaled and a check will be sent to you after the conference. We cannot be responsible for any missing books.  Sometimes someone picks up a book, intending to pay for it and get’s distracted.  It is a rare occurrence, but it has happened.
** We will be taking credit cards again this year.
Thanks for your help. We hope to sell a lot of books!!!

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    1. No need for you to bring a table but PLEASE return the online form (click on Book Table) before 10/7/2016! Thanks and see you soon!

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