Faculty Consultations

Special message from Lamp Post publisher, Brett Burner

When: Saturday at 9:00 am SHARP.

Conference attendees may sign up for a maximum of three, private, 15-minute consultation sessions with our faculty. These 15-minute private sessions allow attendees to pitch ideas, submit book proposals and article queries or just ask questions. Please prepare appropriately for your consultation.

Because there are a limited number of faculty and a limited number of consultation slots per faculty member, these slots fill quickly. Study this conference brochure and decide who, if anyone, you would like to meet with. We suggest you select several alternates in case your first choices are taken when you are called to sign up. Although the maximum number of consultations is three, you may certainly sign up for less than three or none at all.

Priority for faculty consultations will be given to SDCWG members and to those who pre-register. We adopted this strategy to promote an orderly, God honoring atmosphere at the sign up table on the day of the conference.

When we receive your paid registration, your form is marked indicating the order it was received. All Guild members receive higher priority numbers than non-Guild members.

You will receive your number when you register (it is on your name tag).  Signups begin at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday. People will be invited, in order, to sign up on the sheets provided. Signups will continue until all slots are filled.

One Sheet: Only those who returned a completed One Sheet form by the required date (The Friday before the conference) will be allowed to sign up with editors/agents. If you returned a project synopsis, you will receive specially marked stickers which will be validated at the signup table. See and download form here: THE FORM. If you do not have a pre-approved synopsis you may sign up with any of our other faculty (just not editors/agents). You may return the form to any of our contacts but it MUST be received by the Monday before the conference:

San Diego Christian Writers Guild
PO Box 270403
San Diego, CA 92198

Email: info@sandiegocwg.org
Phone/Fax: (760) 294-3269

Consultation Check-in: Please check in with consultation moderator 5 minutes early if possible unless you are in another consultation.  If you are late and have not let us know,  your slot will be given to someone on the wait list.

Signup Stickers: Your registration envelope will contain three consultation signup stickers with your name pre-printed on them. Each sticker has a different color code. DON’T LOSE YOUR STICKERS!!!!!!! YOU MUST HAVE YOUR STICKERS to SIGN UP!!!

Signup Rounds:(You may sign up for at most one faculty consultation during each round):

Consultation Signup Guidelines
O Not everyone attending the conference will want to meet with an editor or agent. That’s fine. Do not fell pressured to sign up for a consultation.
O Priority for faculty consultation assignments is given to SDCWG members.
O Consultations are 15 minutes each.
O Be aware that your consultation time may conflict with ongoing general session presentations or workshops.
O Consultation signups will begin at 9:00 am sharp on Saturday. If you’re not there you will miss your opportunity to sign up.
O Write down your first, second and third choices and take the list with you to the signup table. Don’t rely on memory or try to make your decision at the table.
O Select several alternates in case your first choices are taken when you are called to sign up.
O Do not put your sticker on a full sheet or over someone else’s sticker. It will be removed.
O You may only sign up for ONE consultation during each round of signups.
O You must use the stickers provided in your registration envelope to sign up. Any hand written signups will be deleted.
O After you sign up WRITE DOWN who and when your consultation is with!
O It is your responsibility to be at your consultation on time and prepared.
O If you are unable to signup with the faculty member of your choice don’t despair, there are other opportunities to talk with the faculty – try to sit with them at lunch.
O Please do not try to consult with faculty members during their breaks.

The best way to get the consultation you want is:
Be a Guild member, register early and arrive on time.