Bodie Theone: Making History Come to Life: Researching and Writing Historical Fiction


Susan Meissner:     Pitching and Proposals

Writing the Novel Readers Can’t Put Down


Diana Taylor: From Your Heart to a Published Work: How Do I Begin?

If you are just getting started, or this is your first conference, this workshop will help you take those first steps in your writing career.

Laura Rothschild: How to Find and Work with an Agent

You’ve written a book. Now what? Why you need an agent. What an agent does. How to find an agent and query do’s and don’t. We discuss actual examples of effective and not so effective queries.


Blythe Daniels: What’s In/What’s Out In Publishing

Marketing and publishing preferences change yearly, if not monthly, in what publishers would like to see from writers. This is your chance to find out what’s “in” and what’s “out” when it comes to building an email list, how to use social media (knowing it doesn’t usually translate to many book sales), rising forms of media like periscopes and podcasts, and more. How do you stay current with technology and what attracts publishers and potential readers to your content? Building content and connections is key, and doing it effectively to make yourself marketable is essential. You can turn a blog into a book! This is designed to help you streamline your efforts, not duplicate them and overwhelm yourself.


Brett Burner: The Pros and Cons of Self-Publishing


Rebecca Laird: Clean Up Your Language: Learn to eliminate “insider” language in faith-based writing so general readers will understand and find welcome in your words.  Participants will work with examples of writing peppered with Christian jargon or exclusive language and discuss how rewrites can change the tone and add clarity to enlarge the potential reading audience.




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