Conference Book Table

Hello Authors!

This year we are looking forward to better book table sales for members at our Fall Conference.

New Location! Instead of the book sale area being in the hall where we have had to close down during general session speakers, we will be open ALL day Saturday in the lobby of the church.   This will give conferees more time to browse your books, even while waiting for an faculty consultation appointment.  We hope this change will result in more sales for our authors!

Author Sheet: Please download and bring the author sheet so we can track your sales and bring it with you (filled out to save time) when you bring your books.  BookSellerForm

Pricing: Please do not use this occasion to offer “specials” as it is hard for our cashiers. Round your book cost to an even number (i.e. $10 instead of 9.99). 

Copies:  Also, limit yoursef to a dozen copies of your book. If you have several books, display only a few (8 or less) of each title. You can keep extra copies in a box under the table to refurbish as they are sold. Too many books of one title is overwhelming to a buyer.  Bring small stands if you wish to display a particular book.

Pick Up: At the end of the day, please be diligent to pick up your remaining books by around 4:30. If there is a problem, or you have to leave early, please arrange for a friend to pick up your books for you. 

Left Over Books: If any books are left behind past 5 pm, we will assume you wish to donate them to the library or charity.  We are not able to mail the books back to you. Remember, we offer the book sale area as a service to you so you can enjoy the conference. : )

Payment: Checks for all book sales will be mailed out promptly the week after the conference.

*Booktable sales are open to current Guild members attending our Fall Conference. To register or for more information click here.

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