May Fellowship Brunch

Spring Fellowship Brunch
May 16, 2015 from 10-Noon in Rancho Bernardo
Guest Speaker: Sandra O’Donnell
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Sandra O'DonnellSDCWG Spring Fellowship Brunch

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Guest Speaker Sandra O’Donnell ( Author of 52 Sundays: An Exploration of Christianity in America.

Writer, speaker, academic and communication consultant Sandra O’Donnell’s current project, 52 Sundays: An Exploration of Christianity in America, provides readers with an entertaining, enlightening, and evocative look at church going in America. After losing her husband to pancreatic cancer, Sandra embarked on a journey to visit a different church every Sunday for a year. Her travels took her from Massachusetts to California and from the deep South to New York City, as well as many places in between, representing the broadest possible Christian experience. The goal of 52 Sundays is to open a dialogue about Christianity in America. The book is aimed at a wide audience, both the 125 million Americans who attend church each-and-every Sunday and those who simply want to know more about America’s religious origins and diversity. It will be published in 2016. Also, a book based on her original research and dissertation on the Pilgrims will be published in 2017/18, just in time for the 400th Anniversary of the Pilgrims voyage to America.

Sandra studied writing with Lee Gutkind, “the godfather of creative non-fiction” and Stephen Pyne, the prolific author of books about fire, ice, and space exploration while working on her Ph.D. She teaches workshops on writing and creative non-fiction, including “Project 52: Your Book this Year.”

Sandra lives in San Diego, where she is currently working on two new books. 52 Weeks of Service is about the volunteer culture in America and 52 Weeks of a Banner Marriage, which provides questions and practices to enhance one of our most important relationships. When she isn’t writing she is exploring San Diego with her husband Kim, whom she met while visiting his church on Sunday 23. (And yes, it was a God thing.)

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